Out Of State Clients

Municipal Court Matters

If you live outside New Jersey, it may be too costly and time-consuming to travel back to appear in municipal court.  With the judge’s permission, Attorney Sean Spinello can appear on your behalf and negotiate a plea with the prosecutor using your sworn affidavit.

Bench Warrants / Failure to Appear

If you live out of state and don’t return for court, you may have an outstanding bench warrant for failure to appear.   The warrant may show up on an employer background check or result in other consequences in your home state, including:

  • Points against your driver’s license’
  • Suspension of your driving privileges
  • Arrest

Attorney Sean Spinello has handled cases from across the country and routinely settles them without requiring the client to travel back to New Jersey. He can help resolve outstanding warrants so you can get back on the road without worry.