Having an arrest or conviction on your record can affect your life in many negative ways. For example, potential employers who perform background checks and find this information may choose not to hire you. Furthermore, some employers are performing background checks on existing employees, which could cause you to miss out on a promotion or even lose your job.

Every arrest or conviction you receive can appear on your record. In fact, the New Jersey state police maintain a database containing all of this information, and they pass this data on to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. When your data goes to the FBI, your convictions and arrests can follow you even if you move out of New Jersey.

About Expungement

Contrary to popular belief, convictions and other negative data are not automatically removed from your record over time. In order to erase even a minor conviction, you must have it expunged from your record. Expungement is a legal process that involves eliminating something negative, such as a conviction or arrest, from your permanent record. With this information off your record, you can apply for jobs with confidence and you can go to work without worrying that your employer will perform a background check and suddenly start treating you differently.

Hiring an Attorney

Removing a conviction from your record is not easy. Even the smallest convictions require legal action. Fortunately, when the correct actions are taken, New Jersey law allows for the expungement of incarcerations, convictions and arrests. To increase your chances of success with expungement, consider hiring a New Jersey Expungements Lawyer like Attorney Sean Spinello.

Attorney Sean Spinello tirelessly represents and advises clients throughout New Jersey in all types of expungement cases. Attorney Spinello has been practicing law since 1989, and he has successfully handled thousands of cases. As an experienced defense attorney and former prosecutor, Attorney Spinello knows how to make the law work in your favor.

If you have a conviction on your record and you would like to pursue expungement, call Attorney Spinello today to schedule a consultation.

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