Modern day DWI and DUI charges are serious business, often accompanied by severe fines, loss of your driver’s license and sometimes jail time. When you find yourself facing such charges, you want the best attorney you can find. Fortunately, our firm is here to help.

New Jersey DWI & DUI Lawyer

Attorney Sean Spinello has an established record of helping people in situations similar to yours, and he knows what it takes to get you the results you want. This may be the first time you find yourself in such a situation, or you may be unlucky enough to have been previously charged with driving under the influence. Either way, the courts are going to come after you in full force. However, Attorney Sean Spinello has been down this road with clients countless times before. He knows what to do, and what not to do, to get you a favorable outcome.

Attorney Sean Spinello is one of the limited number of defense attorneys in New Jersey to have been trained by the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General and the New Jersey State Police regarding the use and operation of the Alcotest breath testing instrument.

The State of New Jersey wants to discourage drunken driving, and it will often dish out the harshest punishment it can manage to accomplish this. While you may appreciate the need of the government to encourage safe driving practices, you do not want to suffer the severe punishments the state may attempt to hit you with. To get these charges reduced, you need the help of a skilled attorney.

I highly recommend Sean to anyone seeking legal council, for I would definitely use him in the future if need be. His price is absolutely reasonable, he knows his stuff and he radiates confidence. What more could you ask for?
– Nick, a DUI client

The Voice Of Experience

Attorney Sean Spinello has served as a prosecutor and a defender. He knows what the prosecution will attempt to do, and how they will go about it. As your advocate, he will use this knowledge and experience to protect you from the worst the state can bring. There is never a way to guarantee you will escape penalties. With the help of our firm, though, you will be doing everything possible to bolster your defense.

If you have been charged with a DUI/DWI, or have been arrested, please contact us now. The sooner we begin working on your case, the better chance you have of a favorable outcome.